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Reina SHIBUTANI was born in 1993 in Tokyo, studied with Takashi SHIMIZU, Gérard POULET, Larissa KOLOS, Igor VOLOSHIN, Benjamin SCHMID and Daniel AUNER.

She won the 1st prize at the 8th Osaka international music competition, the 5th Yokohama international music competition, 1st prize and grand prize at the 11th “Premio Citta’ di Padova” international music competition, 3rd prize and the award of the best interpretation of Bach at the 15th Kloster Schöntal violin competition, 2nd prize at the 7th International Louis Spohr competition for young violinists, 1st prize and the grand prize at Agustin Aponte international music competition.


Her projects keep attracting attention in every country since she started to give concerts when she was 15 (e.g. 16 violin sonatas in 2010, solo recital tour in Italy in 2013).

She has performed as a laureate of the École normale de musique in Paris with Erik BERCHOT and a contemporary piece “A.L.T.O.” for violin solo by Eri KIM which was world premiere at the Salle Cortot. Her performance also can be found in the library in iClassical Academy. In 2015, she was awarded the highest level of the French National professional certification “Professional musician instrumentalist and concert performer”.

After moving herself to Austria in 2015, she was awarded the scholarship by Mozarteum Stiftung, had a concert tour and a performance on a live-program of Lithuania national television in Lithuania.  Her performance is also on-aired on Japan national television’s radio broadcasting.

She has performed concertos with Jenär Philharmonie, Chürsachsische Philharmonie, Orchestra of The LISZT School of Music Weimar, Orquestra de Cámara Galega, Pazardjik Symphony Orchestra, Sondershausen Loh-orchestra, Vienna concert orchestra and other orchestras.

She graduated at the top of the class from École normale de musique de Paris and Postgraduate course in Mozarteum University in Salzburg, also studied in Vienna.

In 2023 Reina signed to a contract with a record label Cicerone Music & Art, also published her first violin exercise book.


She is pouring her passion to teaching young talents since 2020. After a short while she made a lot of her students successfully passed ABRSM's grade exam.





16歳のとき東京にて行った全4回16曲のソナタリサイタルシリーズは注目を集め、フランス、イタリア、オーストリアをはじめとするヨーロッパ各地でのリサイタルは毎回好評を博す。イタリア各地で行なった全無伴奏プログラムによるリサイタルツアーでは”Il violino virtuoso (ヴァイオリンの名手)”と各メディアで報道され高い評価を得た。リトアニア国立放送テレビに生出演、同国でのリサイタルツアーなど、西ヨーロッパ以外での活動も盛んに行う。ヨーロッパ各地のオーケストラと共演するほか、ヨーロッパ、アジアの現代作曲家より無伴奏曲を中心とする未発表作品の献呈及び初演依頼を多く受けている。NHKラジオFMリサイタルノヴァに出演。2023年にはCicerone Music & Art (オランダ)とレーベル契約を結び、また自身初のヴァイオリン教則本を出版。


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